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1397's Specials

Enjoy our homemade specialties! From fresh limoncello and mandaricello to homemade seasonal soups and bonbons made by our chocolatier. All products to enjoy during or after your stay at Hotel De Draak and Restaurant 1397.


Limon- en Mandrincello

These tasty Italian drinks were originally made with the famous lemons from Sorrento and the surrounding area. Today, lemons from other Italian regions are also used for production, such as Sicily and Sardinia. That doesn't make them any less delicious, though!

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Homemade Soups

Our chef Torben Bouterse was born and raised in Zeeland and making soup was born to him. To celebrate the season, we have all kinds of delicious and tasty soups for you. For example, put Torben's fantastic lobster soup on the table at home in no time!

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