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Grand Hotel de Draak is the oldest company and hotel in the Netherlands. We have been hospitable for over 600 years and you can find us in the city centre of Bergen op Zoom on the square (Grote Markt). During your stay you will be indulged in the medieval ages with modern comfort. The city Bergen op Zoom has a nice shopping area, lots of monuments and it is a cultural treasure of the province Brabant. Grand Hotel de Draak consists of 62 hotel rooms, 6 meeting spaces, Restaurant Hemingway, Spa – Well and Fitness.

Grand Hotel de Draak has 62 hotel rooms equipped with luxury and comfort, most of the rooms have a 14th or 15th – century construction and have all the modern equipment you can expect from a four star hotel. We have a wide variety of hotel rooms from deluxe to (junior) suites and superior suites. Every room in our hotel is unique, in its shape, size and diversity in decoration. Our Residence Dagmara has 16 hotel rooms decorated in Empire style. The 15 rooms in “De Gouden Leeuw” (literally it translates into The Golden Lion) are decorated in a traditional British style and the other 31 rooms in the main building of Grand Hotel de Draak are decorated in a modern style.

Hotel de Draak is the one of the oldest monuments in Bergen op Zoom.  On the 7th of May in 1397 a great city fire almost burnt down the entire city of Bergen op Zoom. Only two buildings survived this tremendous fire which are Hotel de Draak (back in the days a traditional ‘inn) and de Olifant which translates into The Elephant. We cannot determine the exact date of Hotel de Draak since the city archives turned into ashes and smoke during this city fire. Experts say that Hotel de Draak was at least 100 years old when the city fire emerged in 1397. As from 1406 Hotel de Draak is mentioned in the new city archives as an inn. Also in the 15th century a city fire struck into Bergen op Zoom, although there are no records of what happened to Hotel de Draak during this fire; at least we know it also survived this fire as a true fire breathing Dragon.

On the 6th of December 1984 the family Hazen bought Hotel de Draak from its previous owner. The building called “De Rink” in which our Restaurant Hemingway is located was already part of it and had a ‘horeca’ function solely on the ground floor. In 1985 the upper floors of this building are also used as hotel rooms. In 1994 the old rectory of the Church is bought from the owner of GE Plastics (currently known as SABIC). After a renovation guests could also sleep in this building. In the year 1999 the company expanded even further with redemption of the original ‘Wapen van Henegouwen’ located in the Fortuinstraat. In this building there used to be a brewery ‘de Fortune’ hence why this street has the name ‘Fortuinstraat’. Within over 30 years the family Hazen expanded from 12 hotel rooms to 62 hotel rooms.

With our recent renovation we have respected all the historical aspects in the hotel rooms which meet all the requirements of the modern traveller. Thanks to the determination of Family Hazen the hotel is very youthful even after 6 centuries.


Address Grote Markt 36
Bergen op Zoom
Telefoon: + 31 (0)164 25 20 50
E-mail: info@hoteldedraak.nl
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