Restaurant Hemingway

Our restaurant is called Hemingway, due to the fact that Ernest Hemingway was a renounced connoisseur of the good things in life. He enjoyed travelling the globe, drinking quality wines and delicate viands. Besides 34 restaurant seats we also have 62 hotel rooms and a diversity of rooms for private dining.

What we have to offer in beverages has been selected by our team in order for you to enjoy the very best. From a wide range of beautiful Gin & Tonics, to seasonal cocktails and a classic list of beer specialities.

Furthermore our Viticulturist Guus van Dijk has selected fantastic wines for you which you can find in our wine list. This wine list offers you a wide range of regions, grape varieties and prices. You will notice that we have several classics on the wine list and we also like to work with new more alternative wines.

Enjoy your meal in our restaurant with a refreshing beverage, honest and local products which create an amazing taste sensation.


Address Grote Markt 36
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Telefoon: + 31 (0)164 25 20 50
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