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Cioccolatini Workshops

Esther doesn't stop at making the most delicious pralines for Grand Hotel de Draak, she also organizes workshops to share her knowledge, and the fun, with you. You can participate in these workshops from 4 to 10 persons. Sign up through her website or give her a call.


Visit the website   +31 (0) 6 2374 9344 

Who is Esther?

Our chocolatier Esther Hazen makes four bonbons per season, each with its own design, structure and very tasteful and refined filling. Here she makes the most delicious bonbons from Valrhona chocolate with great passion and pleasure.


Valrhona Chocolade

Valrhona chocolate stands for a fair and sustainable cocoa sector and a gastronomic world that does good and tastes good. Each type of Valrhona chocolate represents the high quality behind the product.

The flavors for each bonbon have been put together in consultation with our chef Torben Bouterse. Each one culinary bonbons with exciting flavors. Each season has a theme and the taste explosions are described on the accompanying card.


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