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Grand Hotel De Draak is located in the center of Bergen op Zoom and is easily accessible by both car and public transportation.



Park your car


Grand Hotel De Draak & Résidence Dagmara rents a parking complex on the Potterstraat, the backside of the Résidence in the center of Bergen op Zoom. This costs €24,50 per night, per car. To be sure, please contact us by phone or email to verify availability and other parking options. You can load and unload your luggage in front of the hotel on the Grote Markt in Bergen op Zoom. Only during events on the Grote Markt this is not possible.

To reach the parking lot via your navigation system:

Potterstraat 27, Bergen op Zoom. (Streetview)

Check here for alternative parking options, also during events.

Electric charging stations


Do you drive an electric car and wish to have your car charged during your overnight stay?

Our private car park has recently been equipped with several electric charging stations. With the charging points, we are prepared for the future. After your overnight stay at Grand Hotel De Draak, your car will be ready to hit the road again.

Public transport


Bergen op Zoom train station is located a 15-minute walk from Grand Hotel De Draak. The train station offers two intercity connections;

*Amsterdam central

*Flushing central

Next to the station there is also a bus station that offers various regional connections. More information about public transport?

NS 9292



Cab Geers is the "preferred supplier" of Grand Hotel De Draak. Cab company Geers does more than just get customers from A to B, it's about the customer's experience!

Passenger transportation is not only about safety, comfort and speed, but also about professional drivers and satisfied customers

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