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The name 1397 refers to the year when Grand Hotel De Draak, of which the restaurant is part, was already a catering establishment with certainty. The Royal family visited there regularly, which is why the hotel carries the shield of royal supplier. The energetic Frans and Trix Hazen are owners and, although past retirement age, are still busy daily with the ins and outs of "De Draak".

Chef Torben Bouterse, who was born in Zeeland, creates classic cuisine with Asian notes. Zeeland fish, shellfish and crustaceans - not surprisingly - play the starring role here. Sous Christiaan Veldman, chef de partie Stefan Schipper and chocolatier Esther Hazen complete the kitchen team.

The dining room is truly a feast for the eyes. A high beamed ceiling, chandeliers that also stand out, a sandstone fireplace, carefully set tables with beautiful service, glassware and cutlery make it a feast to sit down here.

Amiable host and chartered vinologist Guus van Dijk welcomes us and leads us to our table. Nice bread with farmhouse butter soon arrives. Belly bacon comes with pulpo, pimentón, pommes pont neuf or thick delectable chips that are creamy on the inside and crispy on the outside and - very refined - salted lemon. What a fine entrée. Then perfectly prepared plaice with lardo, artichoke and anchovies. From the cheese workshop comes a generous assortment of cheeses accompanied by juicy carrot cake, apple syrup and tuttifrutti.

Life is good in Brabant country. And especially at 1397.