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How is Restaurant Hemingway described in the 2021 Michelin guide? “The bon vivant Ernest Hemingway had certainly enjoyed this elegant restaurant. Products from the region, such as Brabantse Wal asparagus and Bergse oyster mushrooms, play the leading role here in modern preparations that stand out visually.”


The principles of the Michelin guide

The MICHELIN guide's worldwide fame is mainly due to its constant commitment to its readers. Whether in Japan or the United States, in China or across Europe, that commitment is based on a few unchanged rules, which are scrupulously respected by all inspectors:

The first golden rule is that the inspectors tested the restaurants and hotels anonymously and regularly, so that they can fully assess the level offered. So they always pay their bill. The selection of companies is done in complete independence, and the registration of companies is completely free.

The guide is anything but a simple address book, it offers a selection of the best hotels and restaurants in all comfort categories and price ranges. Practical information, rankings and awards are reviewed and updated every year to provide the most reliable information.

The classification criteria are identical for all countries selected by the MICHELIN guide, in order to guarantee the homogeneity of the selection. Every culture has its cuisine, but quality must remain a universal principle.

Michelin has set itself a mission: to help with mobility. With the sole intention that your trips are always dominated by fun and safety.


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