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Hemingways's Homemade Soups

We've been serving our soups all year round since 1397. The soups are based on the favorite flavors of chef Torben Bouterse, developed in such a way that you can put these delicious soups on the table at home in no time. We serve the lobster soup all year round and the others change with the seasons, from delicious Tom Kha Kai soups to Dutch pea soup.



Lobster soup anno 1379



The lobster season started again last week! Our chef Torben Bouterse was born and raised in Zeeland and making lobster soup was born to him. To celebrate the lobster season, we made a tasty lobster soup with kimchi and Dutch shrimps. Put Torben's fantastic lobster soup on the table at home in no time!




Tom kha kai soup anno 1397

Summer - June 21st to July 31st

Tom kha kai is a world famous and classic Thai chicken soup based on coconut milk. This recipe packed with fresh ingredients and typical Eastern flavors including galangal, lemongrass and red pepper is a real taste sensation. With this original creation by chef Torben Bouterse you can put this incredibly tasty Thai soup on the table in no time!