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Meet the Team

1397's kitchen team is led by Chef Torben Bouterse. He creates tasty dishes with his ambitious kitchen team. The service is led by Restaurant Manager Imad Khalfioui. Together with Torben Bouterse and the entire team, he has the ambition to lift 1397 to a higher gastronomic level. Gastronomy is top sport and that is the mentality in the kitchen as well as in the service.

The composition of the team is crucial: young and mature together, that works great! We would like to introduce you to the people behind 1397!



Torben Bouterse


In high school I already knew that I wanted to be a chef and during my cooking training I have grown more and more in love with the profession of chef. Worked at various businesses in Goes as an independent worker and cook for the last 4 years as a chef at restaurant the Elfde Gebod, after which I decided to look further than Zeeland. This is how Hemingway came across my path, where I enjoy working and can learn a lot about what I like to do.


Christiaan Veldman


I took my first steps in this very kitchen. This is where I was raised as a chef! Sander Doggen, my boss at the time, made me enthusiastic about our wonderful profession. Gained star experience at restaurant Katseveer* in Wilhelminadorp. A new chef, myself in a managerial position, but many familiar faces. Young and old, all passionate and ready to show you what we can do!

Martin Delis

Self-employed chef

I am 21 years old and have been closely associated with 1397 since my student days. After working here as an apprentice for about two years, I gained star experience at De Zwaan in Etten-Leur and Vista in Willemstad. I am happy to be back on the nest and to be able to strengthen this team with my experience and knowledge! 

Imad Khalfioui

Restaurant Manager

After 10 years I am back at Hemingway restaurant as Restaurant Manager. I started my career here and did an internship at restaurant Mijn Keuken* and Oud-Sluis***. I gained international experience during the World Expo in Shanghai and I was a maître at Hertog Jan*** for a number of years. Together with Torben and the entire team, I have the ambition to lift 1397 restaurant to a higher gastronomic level.


Guus van Dijk

Register Vinologist

I have been working at de Draak since 1980 and have enjoyed developing my role as your host. Traditional hospitality, delicious dining and the world of wines are my passion. When our guests have a nice evening and go home satisfied, I will too. I would be pleased to welcome you at Hemingway!

Tim Schimmel

Operations Manager

Since 2014 back on the nest of De Draak. Went to the higher hotel school at the NHTV in Breda and in 2008 I did my first internship at Hotel de Draak. In addition, gained experience in New Zealand (Front Office) and also in the Netherlands, at Hotel des Indes (F&B Management Trainee) and Amrâth Hotels (Marketing Assistant). Humor is central to this wonderful profession where no day is the same.

Sander Doggen

Food & Beverage Manager

I have worked in various star restaurants, including 8 years as a sous-chef at restaurant Mijn Keuken. I was also allowed to add Noma to my portfolio. From 2015 I held sway as a chef at restaurant Hemingway. The team won various awards here, including the Bib Gourmand. As of December 2019, I am no longer a chef, but appointed as Food & Beverage Manager.

Frans Hazen

CEO & Owner

From December 6, 1984 owner of the oldest hotel in our country. My goal then and now: de Draak will become the leading hotel company in West Brabant, also for students/interns. It is a privilege to work as a 'steward' in and on this company. There are always plans to improve the products offered. Passion never retires. I'm only 66 so still plenty of time for this beautiful profession.

Trix Hazen


From 1972 to 1984 I was the branch manager of Tafelvaria here. A shop with table silver, crystal, Makkum, Delft blue, Wedgewood dinnerware, etc. From 1985 fulfilled the beautiful job of full-time mother for our 3 daughters. Started working in De Draak in 1991 with equal enthusiasm, helping to give shape to Frans' childhood dream. Despite my 70s, I don't think about quitting.

Esther Hazen


It was only after secondary school that I really discovered my passion, which lies in chocolate. That is why I also graduated as a chocolatier at the PIVA in Antwerp. I like to share my knowledge by immersing guests in the wonderful world of chocolate during my workshops. You can taste my passion in the chocolates I make for Restaurant 1397!